Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cassidy "Decisions" (1999)

This is NOT "that" Cassidy...I've been so out of touch with mainstream hip-hop in the the last few years that when I heard Cassidy being dissed, I just assumed people were talking about this cat. Which didn't make sense to me, this is some straight hip-hop shit (although it may be a little too happy for the hard rocks):

This is another record I've always liked, primarily for the vibe (although I can understand some people seeing this as straight corny). The beat works the bassline off of the horn samples; I love how they play off each other, it just works. Drum programming is almost primitive, but I think it adds to the playful nature of the track. As an MC, Cassidy "sounds white" in a way that MC's like Apathy and Copywrite don't...but he's not as far gone as Buck65 or the Anticon kids. His self-assuredness sells the track, though, and it's essentially a battle-rhyme told as a story; entertainment. Includes the instrumental.

As a postscript to this track, check out the 2006 incarnation of this MC at his Myspace page; he's now going by the name "Young Church", and on some straight thug/baller shit. I'd definately advise checking this out AFTER you hear "Decisions", 'cause most of y'all probably aren't going to want to even check it after hearing "Young Church"'s music. If anything, it's a case study in exactly where the hip-hop music industry has gone.


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