Sunday, August 26, 2007

f*ck your remix!" #4 (Funkdoobiest's "Rock On")

Now this is my first entry in the "f*ck your remix" series (I hope Espionage doesn't mind.) And I decided to use a record that I got my hands on a while ago. Now I'll be the first to admit that I'm no huge fan of Funkdoobiest or even know much of thier music, but thier single "Rock On" is one of the heaviest pieces of wax I own. With production from the likes of DJ Muggs and Buckwild (D.I.T.C.), this single contains 3 insanely dope versions of the banger "Rock On."

First, we start with the original version which was blessed by Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs. From the start we get a mellow sample accompanied by Son Doobie talking about the sun rising. Then the bass creeps in and eventually the drums kick in and establishes the vibe of this classic. The hook for this track stands out when compared to the other versions because it has a nice reverb/echo on it and adds to the atmosphere of the track greatly. Also Doobie has several faded adlibs behind his verses which gives the track an incredible feel all together.

Next up is the popular and ever legendary Buckwild remix, now when this 12-inch dropped it was somewhat a start of the legendary remixing that Buckwild is now know for (like Special Ed, Nas, Kool G. Rap, Grand Puba, Show & A.G., Brand Nubian, etc.) This version starts similar to the original with a chime or harp like sample (excuse me if I'm wrong, I'm horrible with identifying sounds/instruments) and the beat kicks in after Doobie's intro. This version has a lighter feel than the original which has a darker mood. The true jewel with Buckwild's remix is the reinvention of the total vibe, without actually losing the true essence of "Rock On."

Last but far from least is the underrated J&B remix. The production is credited to "Big Ben" Bellfield & TxRxT, whom I'm not too familiar with. Their reconstruction of "Rock On" resulted in giving the track a nice jazzy feel. This remix has heavier drums with a smooth Piano sample, that sounds great with Doobie's heavy adlibs in the background. The low horns blaring in the background of the hook is the cherry on top for this banger.

Well ya'll pretty much know how it goes, if u already know what's up, vote for the one u think is the freshest. If you've never heard them, then grab them from the link above, check them out and then vote. You really can't go wrong with any of the 3, they are all dope and I'm having one hell of a time deciding which one I like the best myself. Peace.


Blogger P-Why? said...

Overall I like the original best.
The drums on the Buckwild remix annoy me, so does the loop after a while.
The J&B mix is pretty nice but I feel like it lacks something.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Andyman187 said...

I don't give a fuck the J&B Remix is the illest out of em all.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Trystesire said...

I like the original above all too
but nice remixes thanks for the post

5:16 PM  
Blogger djespionage said...

nice post...
at the risk of violating the spirit of this series, gotta say all three joints are tight...i always slept on the J&B remix, as the original and buckwild mixes were so strong, but listening to it now, shit is real nice.

but back to the "fuck your remix" vibe...y'all are fucked in the head if you don't think the original shits all over the remixes. there's a reason it's the first cut on the 12", joe. yeah, buckwild comes through with some nice vibes or keys (or whatever the fuck that is), but the music here overwhelms the lyrics, which is about as tight as funkdoobiest can come (uh, no pun/reference to the subsequent porn career intended).

No, this is some meditative shit, and while Buckwild comes with a dope beat - and you can stretch and call it chill - it is far from meditative. Muggs, on the other hand, gets it. He drops the sample, lets it stew for a while, gives it new body with the bassline, then bangs the drums, all without distracting from what's being said. There's a zenlike quality here completely missing in Buckwild's version, and if you think that's not a problem, you're missing the point completely. Fuck you.

5:59 PM  
Blogger jon said...

i swear i got this one from espionage too, but maybe i actually bought it, lol

and what espionage said.

i always played out the buckwild remix because it was different, and its NICE. so it still may be my favorite...but as far as original versions go, muggs really did it up.

west coast hip hop as dohhhope at one point ;-)


5:28 PM  

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