Thursday, August 31, 2006

Red Foo & Dre Kroon "Life is a Game of Chess" (1996)'ve got to be four moves ahead - no more, no less.

This cut was just f*cking cool. Who calls themself "Redfoo"? Or "Dre Kroon"? And if you're going to put out an underground hip-hop single, you sure as hell can't have some guy singing all over the second verse...right? This was some shit you just couldn't categorize too easily:

There's two versions of "Life is a Game of Chess", both of which are extremely dope. The original is bouncy as hell, and features extended, uh, "Krooning". The remix is a different song in every way except the concept; the rhyming is a bit more intricate, but it's still got the extended singing, which usually is a bad thing...but here, it's ill. Anyone know what happened to this crew? I know they had at least one more 12" ("The Freshest", with Evidence), but beyond that, never heard from 'em again. This upload includes both versions of "Life is a Game of Chess", as well as the instrumentals.

UPDATE: Hit Redfoo on his Myspace page or his website


Blogger redfoo said...

Yo!...Thanks for keeping Redfoo and Dre Kroon out there!!!....I've been doing all kinds of music....I've been DJing lately and downloading mad songs...I got some newness I'm excited about...I'm going 80's wit it!....
Yo as a DJ...I'm collecting everything...hit me
Or or

6:52 PM  
Blogger illcuzz said...

peace to redfoo and for u for writing about this. great blog man. i always got the feeling me & my cousin were the only ones knowing about or digging these cats. both songs were off the hook! played them many times and after recently ripping some 12"s i plan to play em again soon (laptop + traktor scratch).

the freshest is just as dope. if u want me to up it lemmeknow.

shame they released just those 2 songs..

1:24 AM  

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