Sunday, September 03, 2006

Strugglin' Souls "Manic Depression" (1992)

OK, so this one breaks the rules; it's neither vinyl nor a single. But as I've seen a number of requests for this around, and I've had the cassette lying around forever, thought I'd make an exception:

"Manic Depression" was one of those albums I always assumed I was the only person had ever heard of (or liked). Dropping (extremely quietly) on Ichiban in '92, it never made a dent in a year dominated by bangers like "Mecca and the Soul Brother", EMPD's "Business Never Personal" and Gangstarr's "Daily Operation". The album is quirky and is darker than a lot of stuff from the period. I think they released a single from it, "Nappy Head N' Saggy Jeans". Again, as far as I know, this was all done on cassette. I've kept it around because I always loved the chill production and thoughtful lyrics of "Betta Dayz", but there's some other dope shit on here as well. Without further explication:

"Manic Depression" Tracklisting (encoded at 192):

01 Phunky Behavior
02 Nappy Head N Saggy Jeans
03 Ain't Phunky No' Moe
04 Who Dat Man
05 Hey Boy
06 Manic Depression
07 Grind
08 Rough Neck Anthem
09 Betta Dayz
10 Ghetto than a Mutha Fucka
11 Can't Find My Tribe
12 Who's the One U Love
13 I Got Tossed
14 Seen Cha Black


Blogger emdee said...


12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome, thank you

1:06 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

I've never heard this before. It's good stuff indeed.

8:42 PM  
Blogger Nicdgreek said...

Thanks Dj Espionage for hooking it up with this tape. Sad that this tape never got any light. I definetely slept on this joint.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Jaz said...

I have been listening to this again, I forget to thank you firs time around, so props for this one DJ Espionage.

3:19 AM  

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