Saturday, September 02, 2006

Apani "Spot Me" (2000)

In the debates over the best female MC, you'll run across names like Lauryn, Bahamadia, MC Lyte, Jean Grae...but rarely will someone mention Apani. As much work as she's done (with the Polyrhythm Addicts, guest verses, etc), and as consistently dope as she is, I've always wondered why she hasn't developed more of a following. This record should wake up those that slept:

Apani "Spot Me" 12"

I originally sought this twelve out after hearing the B-side, "A Million Eyes". The beat, crafted by Celph Titled, features a guitar sample that never stops bouncing, strings, and a dope female vocal sample. There's some complimentary singing going on, and Apani rips it:

I'd run fast and far if I could escape this cage
Can't contain my rage
Guess that's why they keep me locked,
keep me livin' hand to mouth, hustlin' for what i got
If I drop a crumb, here come the vultures
All I got that's mine - is my pride and culture
Whatcha'll what that too?
Wouldn't you hate me if I was you?
Wouldn't you want me dead?
Take a minute, let that sink into ya head

"Spot Me" finds Apani ripping the shit out over another dope beat, matching sprinkled piano loops with muted horn blasts. If there's any flaw with this cut, I think it might be with the spoken chorus, which falls a little flat.

If you've been sleeping on Apani, no more excuses after these joints. Includes instrumentals for both.


Blogger Kazeiro said...

She was dope on MF Doom's "Let me watch", i'm checking this out, thanks

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