Thursday, September 07, 2006

King Just "No Flow on the Rodeo" (1995)

Not to be confused with King Sun, King Just broke out in the mid-90's with "Warrior's Drum" ("hey-ya, hey-ya, hey-ya, ho!"). Dude sounded kinda like ODB, and fit in with the groups that weren't an official part of Wu-Tang, but seemed somehow related:

"No Flow on the Rodeo" benefits greatly from an Easy Mo Bee beat, and this post is probably more about Easy Mo Bee than King Just. It has the signature Easy Mo sound of the era; hard, clanging, and slightly metallic drums...I always felt like most of Easy Mo's production made the lyricist sound harder and just straight more significant. As far as "the Rodeo", I've always been confused by the Western fascination that jumped off around that time (i.e. Sadat X's "Hang 'em High" and "Wild Cowboys"; the Fugees' "Cowboys", etc), and chalked the content up to that trend.

Also includes "Escape from the Zoo", and an E-Swift remix of "Warrior's Drum".

If anyone has the original "Warrior's Drum", could you post a link?


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heres the original warriors drum

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