Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Royal Flush "Worldwide" (1996)

Blunt Recordings seemed like it was poised to make an impact in the mid-90's...first, there was Mic Geronimo's "Masta I.C." which was second only to "Shook Ones" in terms influential NYC street-bangers. Then Royal Flush's "Movin On Ya Weak Production" and "Rotten Apple" dropped. It was Royal Flush's third twelve (three in one year) that blew the top off, though:

Royal Flush "Worldwide" (with instrumental)

This one dropped at the height of the whole NYC-Cali beef, and while "Worldwide" mentions the beef in passing (specifically in the intro), the focus is on how Royal Flush (and Queens) rips it. LES's beat shines here; the only thing that kept me from playing it more at the time was the low BPM that made it difficult to blend. Flush's delivery has a casualness about it that works well at this BPM, and it ends up being one of his best joints, period. Includes instrumental.


Blogger Tired & Broke said...

yo props for this I got the Rotten Apple 12" and the joint he did with Godfather Don...I still need this as well as 'Movin On Your Weak Production 12".... keep doing your thang...


10:45 AM  
Blogger Perfecta said...

any chance of a reup, i had this on vinyl years back, and would love to hear it again

11:42 AM  
Blogger hiphopfanatik said...

A classic joint but unfortunately the link is dead :(
Upload it again please!

PS : did the track includes royal flush's acapella ? (cuz'I didn't find it in the krumb snatcha "gettin closer to god" 12'' / maybe in a bootleg)

PEACE I check dis site almost everyday ;p

2:24 AM  
Blogger ohsokool said...

This song caused phones to light the F*uck up on the late night underground NY radio!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Andy Walker said...

whats the BPM of the track?
i need to find out or at least tell me a way to figure out what the BPM is

11:49 PM  

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