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"f*ck your remix!" #5 (Push Button Objects' "360°")

This version of f*ck your remix involves a Mega-Remix project courtesy of Chocolate Industries. The artist Push Button Objects released a 12-inch with Mr. Lif, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien & the ill turntablist DJ Craze called "360°." Now I'll admit the orinigal version of this track was nothing really special, but I guess Push Button and Chocolate Industries realized they had a gem on thier hands cause Lif & Del really spit some amazing verses and Craze's cuts are razor sharp. Well what did they do to pump some life into this project?, They called up some of the Underground's most renown producers to remix this track and release it as a double 12". The Final product ended up being a treat for all hip-hoppers. Each remix is like a brand new track on its own and brings a different feel on each remix. The production talent Choc. Industries enlisted includes headliners such as DJ Spinna, El-P, Kutmasta Kurt, The Herbaliser, and Prefuse 73.

The first remix from this project was done by my man DJ Spinna. This version has a harmonous feeling as DJ Spinna's vobes blend with Lif and Del's lyrics beautifully. Spinna lands his signature sound with the hard bass, funky samples and soul. The light voices in the beginning saying glory with light string sounds and funky samples give the track a vibrant feel. Like most Spinna production, this version puts me in a great frame of mind, and the instrumental alone, for this track is so soothing and is the best combination for the vocals in my opinion.

El-P's version is next in line and you get exactly what you expect from the former Co-Flow Frontman. First you hear the empty air whistling while Lif's lyrics begin. Then a resounding stale sample comes in and the song kicks off. El-P's remix for the vocals sound slightly empty on this version but still fits well. El-P manages to work the abnormal sounds well, but after about the 2nd verse, the repetitiveness of the main loop starts to wear on you. I mean don't get me wrong this version works, but with the plethora of remixes you have here, some obviously fold in comparison to others.

The next remix is handled by The Funky Redneck, Kutmasta Kurt. His production style for this track is minimal, and doesn't really gel with the lyrics. The chopped up horns and funky samples don't seem like the right back drop for Lif and Del to drop some thought provoking rhymes over. This by far the least effective remix of the bunch, as a stand alone track its decent, but when compared to the greatness that surrounds it on this super 12-Inch it fails in comparison..

Now I'm not too familiar next set of prodcuers, but from what I've learned The Herbaliser is actually a production duo from England. Now when they got thier hands on the 360° accapella, they included DJ Craze's cuts and added a simple yet effective beat. Its basically a simple loop with a hollow sound and a resounding sample near the end of the loop. Althought the production is very minimal and almost sounds like it was a throw away beat contributed at the last minute, it works deceivingly well.

Now shortly after releasing the double 12-inch, Chocolate Industries stepped thier game up and released the Prefuse 73 Remix on its own 12-inch. This version was originally avaialbe on the CD version of this remix project. Prefuse delivers with his incarnation of "360°." He uses a fast-paced sample that changes in pitch and brings new life to the track. The unique aspect of this version is that Prefuse adds a fresh sample to the track between verses to take place of the hook. It worked great for this track and helps make it actually one of the better remixes from the selection.

Overall, this collection of tracks serves as a pretty nice set of wax to have in the crates. The continuous use the same accapella does get redundant but in the end we get a wide spectrum of production and dopeness. I dropped another poll for the loyal visitors to pick which version hit them in the head the hardest. Lataz.


Blogger Tonysunshine said...

definitely a nice write-up! I will have to give em a listen & get back to you on which I'm feeling most. Props

6:25 PM  
Blogger apani said...

Thanks for this will check it out later.

1:31 PM  
Blogger knowledge said...

Props for this T&B, keep em commin. Hope everything is good, peace.

12:30 PM  
Blogger djespionage said...

tight post, T&B...hadn't heard any of these. i'm gonna disagree, though -- i thought the original was dope. i love how the sample was chopped & the drum programming, shit was raw.

i tend to fall in the (unfashionable) camp that thinks that spinna is overrated...he's had some nice joints, but he put out so many bland tracks in the late 90's that i stopped checking for him.

that being said, i had to vote for his remix here; i think he stepped it up with heavier drums and slightly melancholy samples. i think if he had gone all-out bouncy, dreamy 'spinna-esque' production, it would have missed the mark completely. lif defines that track almost immediately: "you're stuck inside a homicidal groove."

#2 - herbaliser (who excel at dark grooves -- check "very mercenary" LP for some ILL tracks with jean grae)

#3 - kutmasta kurt (that track sounded heavily indebted to premier)

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always like the Kutmasta Kurt one best. And yes, I am a sucker for choppy beats. ;)

4:22 AM  
Blogger SAJR said...

El-P version is the best no doubt with the Kutmasta Kurt coming in second.

4:23 PM  
Blogger goodwill said...

for anyone that wants the acapella to the del version... i posted it at acapellarchives.blogspot

exclusive, your not gonna find it anywhere else.

great post esp.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Soundspot said...

1- Spinna's for his heavy sound...

2- Kutmasta Kurt's rmx sounds a little bit like a Preemo...

3- Heralizer's...

4:01 AM  

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