Friday, September 01, 2006

Krumb Snatcha "Gettin Closer to God" (1997)

I know I've been hitting '96-'97 indies hard lately, but this is definately one of the stronger singles from the era. This record was an automatic buy, in no small part due to the beat by DJ Premier:

If you haven't heard this joint, Premier definately laces Krumb Snatcha with the beat; signature Premier drum programming. Krumb Snatcha comes through with an engaging story rhyme a la Nas' "NY State of Mind", but from the perspective of a kid who's on the losing end of a gunfight. It's intense, and Krumb's picture is thoughtful and vivid:

Don't remember the good Krumb, only the bad one
And now I can tell the depths of hell for evils I've done
Can't run, facin' my worst of fears
Leavin' my physical as my spiritual descends stairs
But wait, this can't be real, I feel the agents are real
Askin' my name, overlookin' my bloodstained gold chain
Easin' my pain from where we came I don't know
But he's tellin' me it's not the right time to go

Krumb followed this with a few more records, but this is his definitive record, as he's talented enough lyrically to put you in the middle of a life or death struggle. Oh, yeah, and Premier's contribution can't be overrated. Includes the instrumental.


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Dope! Used to have doubles of this, but think someone stole it.

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