Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Trip-hop Joints: Portishead "Glory Box"

I have to preface this post by admitting I never intended to up hip-hop exclusively, although the soul of it is obviously tight indie shit. I've upped a few downtempo records, and plan on dropping some more, but along with that, find genres like trip-hop, acid jazz, and R&B relevant, if the vibe is right. That being said, this Portishead record is definately worth tracking down:

Everyone should be familiar with "Glory Box", the bonuses here are the additional cuts "Scorn" and "Sheared Box". "Scorn" is effectively a dark, grimy remix of "Glory Box" (which is remarkably sunny for a Portishead song)...highly recommended. "Sheared Box" can fall under the category of Bonus Beats.

Includes the cuts pictured above; the b-side contained tracks that were identical to versions on the album ("Dummy"). If anyone else has Portishead remixes kicking around, I'd definately appreciate the ups...


Blogger CosmoRetroIntroOutro said...

hey, first of all props for your great blog. I always enjoy checking around and being happy about the fact that someone freely shares his knowledge about 12".
I've searched my collection for my portishead remixes and found three of 'em

Depeche Mode - In your Room (Portishead Remix)
Gravediggaz - Nowhere to run (Portishead Remix)
Nas vs. Portishead - It ain't hard to tell (Danger Mouse Remix)

Although the last one isn't by Portishead, it is definitly worth a listen. DangerMouse mixed this Nas-Classic with the beat of Roads.

(I'm going to start a blog myself during next week. Maybe you want to take a look :)

11:44 AM  
Blogger ikono said...

Yo espionage, I dunno if you still check your blog and being that this is such an old post maybe his reply to your plea comes already too late but I have a Portishead remix album I downloaded from someone, somewhere, sometime ago :)


do you have that? It's pretty tight. In case you don't have it I can try up it or find a working link for you, since I have a very shitty internet connection (5kbps upload and traffic limited to 5GB/month ehehe).

I'm leeching the hell outta your blog, reminiscing on those days when hard beats and dope lyrics had airplay.


5:28 AM  

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