Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Royal Flush "Movin' On Ya Weak Production" (1996)

The first of three strong Royal Flush twelves on Blunt Recordings ("Rotten Apple" and "Worldwide" followed), I initially was underwhelmed by "Movin' On Ya Weak Production". Point blank, I was bored by the Beatminerz beat. With the benefit of hindsight, this cut holds up lyrically, and benefits from well-placed vocal samples:

Ten years on, I still don't think that this is one of the stronger samples the Beatminerz have rocked, but the vocal samples (KRS-1's "woop! woop!" and Nas "movin' on ya weak production") work well together, creating an unlikely anthem, considering how chill the production is. Royal Flush comes through with solid, assured lyrics as well. Includes the instrumental and acapella.


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