Monday, September 11, 2006 contributers and filled requests...

Tired & Broke, Paul, and 6MW have all agreed to begin dropping some posts (in fact, T&B dropped his first yesterday if you missed it). If you've been checking this blog for any length of time, you know that it is about the music; but the posts are also an attempt to connect the music to a perspective. Up until now, that perspective has been a bit narrow (mine), but the experience of music is ultimately a very personal thing; most of you are chasing down new music because of the relationship you have with a good song; sharing good shit is an affirmation and its own form of communication. Right.

So the goal is not just throwing links up, but wrapping some context around them as well. That could be the poster's reaction to the music, some historical context, etc. I'm glad to have some more perspectives thrown into this thing that's true about this music is that people are doing it everywhere - for the love - and that means everyone has a different story to tell, and some different shit to put you on to.

In addition to the posts (which admittedly are much less in-depth than some other blogs, many of which are linked to the right), thanks to everyone who's been filling requests. Here's what's been dropped since the last update post:

[broken links removed]


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