Thursday, September 14, 2006

King Tee "I Got It Bad Y'all" (1992)

Ah, back to a golden-era classic. This record was my introduction to the Alkaholiks; although it says it's a King Tee single, this shit is all about tha Liks. The don't-give-a-fuck creativity that made "21 & Over" shines on "I Got It Bad Y'all":

The credits for the production read "The Alkaholiks and DJ Pooh", but these beats have early E-Swift's fingerprints all over 'em. Beats this funky and playful were made for J-Ro and Tash to rip, and the twelve provides three variations on the theme: the album version, the (Calypso) Remix, and the Video Mix. The Video Mix ends up being the most distinct, in that it actually slides another cut into the mix ("On the Rox"). I've always had trouble picking a favorite mix here, but usually go with the remix, as the delivery comes off live-r ("you gotta rip it, man, you gotta rip it!").

You gotta love the Alkaholiks, the same breath, they can clown and reminisce:

(What's your favorite brew?) O...E
(And what's it make you do?) Go...pee
It used to be about rhymes, all about rhymes
Now rappers rearranging, and changing like times

Includes the Remix, Video Mix, Album version, and instrumental (album). Also includes a Funky Piano mix, which is essentially the instrumental with a (yep) funky piano solo throughout. Well-f*cking-rounded twelve.


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I'm a big King Tee and Liks fan, so thanks for this one

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