Tuesday, September 26, 2006

KRS-ONE "Strictly for da Breakdancers" (1995)

One more KRS post before moving on...'95 was a highlight year for KRS. In addition to the self-titled LP (and singles), there was the collaboration with Channel Live, and the releases on Front Page Records, KRS' fledgling label. "Strictly for da Breakdancers", KRS' self-produced instrumental album, was a coveted record at the time (although now I've looked at discogs.com, and supposedly it was released on CD a year later, so maybe it had a wider release than I thought):

***Just tried to open the ZIP on a PC, realized one of the MP3 files didn't follow Windows naming conventions; I'll re-up this file later today for those who have difficulty extracting it

The beats on here don't have the same polish as some of KRS' other work, but that's part of the appeal - the rawness of it. It's loop-based, and doesn't switch up a lot, but there is movement to the beats, making them listenable for more than a couple of minutes (that was my problem with a lot of the instrumental LPs released in the mid-late 90's). Oddly enough, just heard the first cut on the record, "Steady Bounce" (uses a Nine vocal sample) in a commercial the other day. Includes all cuts on the original vinyl.


Blogger Paul said...

I remember buying the "Strictly for da Breakdancers" CD and bringing it back to the store not long after haha.

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