Monday, September 18, 2006

Downtempo Joints - RJD2 "Here's What's Left"

While some heads might nominate "June" or "Rain", I'm going to go with this twelve as the best thing that RJD2 has done to date. I don't think RJ should take any offence at the "new Shadow" label; hell, mid-90's Shadow was genre-defining, dope-as-hell instrumentals...thank God that someone picked up where he left off, 'cause he hasn't been there in years.

Even if you haven't heard this twelve, most of y'all will recognize "2 More Dead", which was one of "Deadringer"'s stronger cuts. The remix treatment it gets here turns it into a certified banger; play this at a club or party where people are feeling hip-hop, and everyone's happy.

"Here's What's Left" is another thoughtful/jazzy/chill/slightly melancholy RJ production; the vocal features (sampled) soulful crooning, while the instrumental version (predictably) drops the vocals. Definately a worthy addition to your A-list downtempo/trip-hop collection.

You even get a couple of beat fragments, one of which will be familiar to RJ fans, while the other is novel. Another extremely well-rounded record, between the certified, exclusive banger; chill, jazzy slice of soul; and fragments of two novel (OK, one novel) beat.


Blogger gus said...

thanks a ton for uploading this over 2 years ago.. Here's whats left was my favorite song for a long time i had lost it after a bunch of moves and i got it back thanks to you

i also plan to search around your site cuz you obviously have good taste

again thank you

4:14 PM  

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