Sunday, September 24, 2006

KRS-ONE "Ah Yeah" (1995)

Been on a KRS kick recently, and wanted to share this bootleg twelve that dropped in '95. "Ah Yeah" was the kind of defiant pump-your-fist anthem that seemed so natural at the time, and never loses its relevance. This track was truly back-to-basics; you can't deny the effectiveness of the simple bassline and drum loop (classic, even)...Kris' lyrics are unabashedly revolutionary, and there's no compromise in the delivery. So why care about this track, any more than you (presumably) already have? Well, as it was never "officially" released as a single, you may need to grab the instrumental (and acapella)...but the gems were the extra tracks this bootleg contained.

The "extras" are pictured above; I'll start with "The Question" remix. As far as I know, this track never saw a commercial release either, and it's another essential KRS track. The beat is surprisingly jazzy, and Kris drops some gems:

Question: What's the solution?
Answer: Organized revolution
Question: Revolution implies killing?
Answer: Whether you fight or die, the blood is still spilling
and we're chilling, thinking of our history as Elmer Fudd
everything Black people got in this country, they got through shedding their blood

"Stop the Break" was ripped from a Ron G (or Doowoop) mixtape, and does contain a KRS verse, but Biggie's verse is vicious ("Hail Mary, fuck her/I never knew her/I'd probably screw her/and dump her body in the sewer"). There's also another version of "Ah Yeah", which contains an extra (dope) verse, not heard on the album version:

Ugliness continues, summer after summer
'cause the older generation teaches it to the younger
The point is to outlive the older generation
let old ideas die with old education
Do not accept the ugliness your elders give
This is why its so very important that you live

I've also thrown in the "Ah Yeah (Mellow Vibe remix)", which appeared on the UK pressing of "Rapperz R N Dainja", as well as the original, instrumental, and acapella.


Blogger 6MW said...

Dope post, there were also 3 more remixes, 2 produced by Diamond D and the "No Piano Mix" by KRS himself.
Here's the label:
Here's the 3 tracks:
Ah Yeah (Alternative Piano Mix)
Ah Yeah (Diamond D Flava)
Ah yeah (Diamond.D Rhodes mix)

11:37 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

One of my favorite KRS joints. I never heard any of these remixes though. Where have I been haha? Great stuff.

9:39 PM  
Blogger BHM225 said...

6mw....or anyone else who got them...can we get a repost on the KRS remixes....? I've never seen these and would like to have them but the link is down already....thanks!

9:48 PM  
Blogger Apani said...

Thanks for this!

1:18 PM  

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