Thursday, September 21, 2006

Swann's Canadian Hip-hop Post

[NOTE: Swann is currently living/working/DJ'ing in Seoul, Korea, and is a certified Canadian citizen. Which basically means he's an American, without any of the benefits (like being oblivious to - or deeply paranoid about - the rest of the world). Cymbal clash.]

The strongest man in Canada has verified this collection as Grade-A material.

Swann's Canadian Hip-hop
Includes the following (descriptions follow):

Choclair "All I Need in the World is You", "Flagrant"; Swollen Members "Full Contact"; Moka Only & Abstract Rude "Keep it Rollin"; Brass Munk "BIG"; Infinite "Take a Look Through My Eyes"; Maestro "Supreme Authenticity"; Saukrates "Hate Runs Deep"; Ghetto Concept "E-Z on tha Motion"; Solitair "Easy to Slip"; Dream Warriors "California Dreamin'"; Rascalz "Dreaded Fist"

First I'd like to start with the Rascalz as they were really the first group to get their beats over the airwaves. I remember hearing "Dreaded Fist" on CJSW late late one night followed up with a Swollen Members track. I was ferociously nodding my head and the following Summer it seemed like everybody had this track in their playlist. Shit got bumped heavy by Canadians.

The second track I'd like to mention is the Solitair joint "Easy to Slip". I recall first hearing this track at a listening station in HMV and I was feeling it. The rest of the CD was hot garbage though and I didn't cop it. The track fell deeply out of my memory and I heard it again the next year on a bunch of Much Vibe commercials and knocked my head over that beat for weeks! I finally tracked down the name listening to a radio station in Vancouver. It's such a slick beat. Solitair spits a tale from his youth that is obviously very personal to him. His storytelling skills are evident and the track somehow reminds me of Second Childhood by Nas.

Next joint I'd like to speak on is Infinite "Take a Look". First saw this on Rap City and it stuck with me because the video was all CG. At the time it was really fresh even if the animation wasn't top notch. I've been checkin for this video on youtube for a minute now and it hasn't popped up. Really suprising since you can find pretty much ANYTHING else on there. If anyones got it...hoook a brotha up. Infinite rides the beat real nice and speaks on reality in the darker streets of T-dot. If I had to compare it to something I'd say it flows like "When the fat lady sing" by the jigga jigga Genius.

Up next we have Brassmunk and their classic track "BIG." Its a real bouncy track laced with horn stabs. I was late on this track and came across it on a message board I frequent. Check this video too, it's worth a laugh.

I don't know how many of ya'll remember the Dream Warriors but they carved a significant niche in Canada's early hip-hop history that often gets overlooked. Cats like Maestro, Frankenstein, and Main Source are often first mentioned when influential Canadian Hip-Hop conversations are started, but the Warriors are most times hung out to dry. "My Definition" needs no mention as it speaks for itself, but they released quite a few dope 12's as well. "California Dreamin'" is probably my favorite cut done by them. It's so smooth you feel like you're being rubbed down with cocoa butter by a fat Samoan on a hammock.

Ghetto Concept used to get mad play on Rap City. They brought the rough style early in their careers and later flopped trying to cross over into the mainstream. I used to love watching this video ("E-Z on tha Motion") because it was so low budget (like an early Wu-Tang video). The beat is really jazzy and the MC's flip it really sick. This is definately one of the few Ghetto Concept tracks worth checkin' for.

Saukrates is probably the one MC out of Canada that has been the most well recieved south of the border. He has the deliver/voice/lyrics and talent to carry a whole albumn like not many can. I first noticed him on Rap City in the video "Hate Runs Deep". He serves up beefy lyrics and you just know he's not playing when he speaks.

Bleedin' buckets of red from your head over duckets, fuck it
I'm living for next year, my dear
I say cheers and guzzle eleven beers to celebrate

This is easily my most favorite Saukrates track. He is so raw during this era and specifically on this track. It is kind of similar to Xzibit when he dropped "At the speed of life". After that album there was something lacking in his voice/flow, the same is true with Saukrates.

I first heard of Choclair at a Calgary DMC competition in 99. I was given a beat tape with the original and a remix of "Flagrant" on it. I was really feeling both versions and had high hopes for the dude. That year he dropped the albumn "Ice Cold", which is always slept on. He had a bit of commercial success and dropped the album "Flagrant" in '03. The track "All I need..." is a dope cut off that one which features some solid storytelling by Choc and a banger produced by Solitair.

I think there are a couple more tracks in the zip but I forget what they are and I'm not at home to check it so fuck it...enjoy the beats



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