Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ill Bill "Gangsta Rap" (1999)

First thing I have to admit is that I am NOT a big fan of Ill Bill in general; yeah, I bought the Non-Phixion records, but I just can't see them as the best (or better than most) indie hip-hop at the time. This twelve on Psycho-logical, laced with Necro beats, made me believer, though:

Whatever you think of Necro as an MC, you can't front on his beats. "Underground" is still one of my favorites. "Gangsta Rap" is crucial...great piano loops; a perfectly placed horn; a bassline that drops in at the right moments. Ill Bill rips the beat in what is basically a celebration of thug sh*t:

Ay-yo, I smoke dust and shoot cops, sold guns to Tupac
Smoked blunts with Biggie Smalls, and sold drugs on new lots

The b-side flips the classic Mary Jane Girls sample as Ill Bill drops more incendiary lyrics, breaking down "How to Kill a Cop" into steps and stages. Really, he just wants to help:

Check out this new Ill Bill gimmick that's splendid
Since you're down with other shit let's see if you're down wit this
It's about strictly tryin to kill a cop
Once you get the hang of it, after you blast one you steal his glock
First of all, you need...

Includes vocal and instrumental for both cuts.


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Blogger Genaugmen said...

I've been lookin for a good copy of this for so long. Necro IS off on his own shit but he can still flip rhymes tight as hell. And Ill Bill, I been feelin him since before i knew who he was. Shit, I didn't even know he was a white boy until last year. Good lookin on this one though. This is a classic thug banger that never got heard.

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