Friday, August 25, 2006

Godfather Don "Piece of the Action" (1997)

Godfather Don has always been in the same category with Percee-P for me...hella underground, style-obsessed NYC mc's who have a hardcore, devoted following despite releasing very limited material. The highest-profile Godfather Don record in my estimation was The Cenobites album on Fondle'Em (with Kool Keith); this twelve on Hydra that followed later is nice though:

Godfather Don "Piece of the Action" 12"

My preference here is "Seeds of Hate", the's hard to find a consistently darker beat than this, and Godfather Don keeps it grimy; in this case, the title says it all. The A-side has grown on me over the years, though. Guess which Guru sample it rocks? Finish this sentence: "cause I get a piece of the action from..." (think Dwyck). Includes Vocal and Instrumental for both.


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