Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cisco/The Frisco Mack "Audi 5000" (1992)

Comedy. I'll start by admitting I never heard of Cisco ("The Frisco Mack") in the early 90's, so I have no idea how (and if) this record was received. A year ago, came across it randomly in some crates. First of all, there's the title, that screams "early 90's"; then there's the artist's name, which is cartoonish (but you don't doubt was serious at the time). Bottom line, "Audi 5000" will make you smile:

Musically, it seems inspired by early Cypress Hill, which isn't a bad thing. I find myself constantly swinging back and forth between "this is corny shit" and "uh, that was actually kind of dope"; the ultimate effect is entertainment. Admittedly, there's nothing innovative about the production or rhyming, but it's the average-early-90's-ness of it all (down to the "yes, yes, y'all - and ya don't stop"-sample in the chorus) that gives it its appeal. Kick your knees up, thrust your arms out, and pretend you've never heard lyrics like "more flavor than 31" and "more skins than potato" before. Who knows? Maybe for a second, you can relive that shit. Just don't look in the mirror in the middle of it all...

Bonus points if you memorize the lyrics, then hype the shit out of it to your man who has never heard of it, and bounce around as you rhyme along to this "classic gem". The reward is the look on your friend's face.


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