Monday, August 21, 2006

Get Off My Productions "Straight From The Go" (1995)

I did my undergrad at the University of Illinois, which basically was populated by kids from Chicago (and more often than not, the suburbs). During my second year, I started doing radio, and learning a lot more about the Chicago scene. At this point, Juice was already a legend in freestyle circles. For the most part, though, the only material of his that existed was dubs from freestyle (battles) on radio shows; this was the first twelve I ran across with Juice verses, and I snatched it up:

Get Off My Productions "Straight From The Go"

This is an uptempo, party jam, and distinctive mid-90's Chicago hip-hop. Juice sounds comfortable and confident flowing over the production (like the flute sample), and while it doesn't speak to his reputation as a battle MC, I think the cut straight works. Keep in mind what it is, though (a word of warning to the all-about-the-battle hard-rocks). A sample of the lyrics:

Now, in my life I've had some gunfights, but see, me - I'm the fun type
I wanna dance for one night, and party 'til the sunlight
with the cliches, catchy words and innuendos -
we kick the type of shit to blow the glass right out your windows
We all got problems, but I can't let 'em stress me
I like the way you move it when you moving so impress me
This is the one jam that people got to get with
People clear the dance floor, 'cause I'm about to rip shit

No instrumental or b-side here, just the MP3 for "Straight From The Go".


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