Friday, May 13, 2011

[MIXTAPE] dj espionage - Chronic Coadunation (1998)

'98 hip-hop -- majors, but mostly indies. Two live blend tapes covering 100 cuts from the era, as well as a short mix of early-90's classics:

Full playlist is here. Including classic indie records by Fierce, Choclair, Mass Influence, Dilated, Rascalz, Atmosphere, Boo Brown, All Natural, Frankenstein, etc.

Here are links to 12's from this mix already posted on this site, complete with re-ups where necessary:

J-Live, "Sheisty"
Fierce, "Crab"
Choclair, "What It Takes (rmx)"
Blade, "The Way It Has To Be"
Mike Zoot, etc, "High Drama Pt. 3"
Atmosphere, "Primer"
Foot Soljaz, "If You Ain't Got Flowz"
Diamond D, "With the Dope Sound"
Show & AG, "I'm Not the One (original)"
Mental Giants, "Hustler's Hymn"
No False Lyricists, "Funk the Radio"


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