Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Showbiz & AG "Unreleased Shit" (1996ish)

Back with some grimy Show & AG. This one was a late-90's bootleg; not too rare, and sounds like Goodfellas-era type shit that never made it to the album. Not sure if any of this material has dropped on other comps, but here's this bootleg 12:

My two favorite joints on here are on the flipside. "I'm Not the One (Original Mix)" is about as hard as Show & AG can get, with a plodding (but bouncy) drum loop complimented by a dark sample. Show drops a story rhyme about how he takes care of his business, with a Diamond D vocal sample warning the snakes, "I'm not the one to be gamed on".

"You Want It" is a lot more playful, and features Diamond on the mic. Diamond mentions something about a preview of the LP, so that places this cut pre-"Hatred, Passions, and Infidelity". Which means he hasn't fallen off yet (leave your hate mail in the comments).

Includes "Time For (Original Mix)", "Stand Strong", "Under Pressure", "I'm not the One (Original Mix)", "You Want It", and "Ain't No Fun". No instrumentals on this record, sorry.


Blogger Andyman187 said...

I got another Bootleg joint called The Under Pressure EP with Under Pressure, Stand Strong & Ain't No Fun + all 3 Instrumentals.

8:37 PM  
Blogger FRAK said...

madd props...what did u think bout AG new disc...i wasnt really feelin it

6:02 AM  
Blogger Tired & Broke said...

andyman187 I need that under pressure joint... more importantly I need the instrumentals...I only have the joint that Espionage posted which is a stone cold classic... where did you get your copy from????

I need those beats homey...holla @ me...

and yeah that new AG is lacking..


7:49 PM  
Blogger Andyman187 said...

@Tired & Broke. Picked up my copy from UGHH.com 5 years ago. I can't find any info on it, only the one Esp posted. Hopefully I can rip n upload & Post it tonight.

9:22 AM  

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