Friday, August 04, 2006

Blade "Rhyme Bomb" (1997)

It's notoriously difficult for non-American rappers to get any traction in the U.S.; the only exceptions I can think of are Canadians that basically relocated to the States, and everyone just assumes are Americans. Blade (UK) has had a number of records released here, with homegrown production (i.e. DJ Premier), but still never broke out of the underground.

Blade "Rhyme Bomb" 12"

The "Rhyme Bomb" 12" released on Bomb records ("Return of the DJ" series) was my intro to Blade, and has my favorite Blade joint on it, "The Way It Has To Be". This beat is classic hip-hop shit; ill bassline, break, dope vocal sample. I had some people at the time that were ALL about lyrics; it was Chino, Ras Kass, Redman, etc, all day every day. Blade ended up winning them over, ironically enough, primarily through this beat. Unfortunately, no instrumental on this record; but it also includes "Rhyme Bomb" (with instrumental) and "Born to Rule" (with instrumental).


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