Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No False Lyricists "Who Ever Thought" (1997)

Looking through the crates, I've come to the unscientific conclusion that the indie hip-hop revolution peaked in '97 - in terms of volume. There seemed to be a sharp drop-off in volume between '98-'01, perhaps with people realizing that putting out a record usually means just that...putting out a record. This record is "classic" '97 NYC indie, in the sense that this crew is obviously doing this all on their own, hoping the single will catch on (i.e. college radio) and lead to more work. This description may seem like I'm setting up to introduce a mediocre single, but I've always thought this record was mad slept on:

I prefer the title cut, "Who Ever Thought", which is a defiant keep-it-true-school anthem. The beat is simple and straightforward, but I never get tired of nice piano samples. Never learned the identities of the MC's in this group, but the second MC on this cut definately comes with it:

...and turn slavery into hip-hop:
Your ass don't go gold, then son you gonna get dropped
You flip-flop; that's symbolic to the house negro
No longer in the deals with the underground, you reachin' white people
(?) be quick to scream "sell-out!"
Kick you out the ghetto, tell your ass to get the hell out...

The chorus echoes the almost epic frustration expressed on this cut ("Who ever nation would take shorts?"). Dope shit. On the flip side, you have the complimentary anthem "Fu(n/c)k the Radio", which really is just as tight, f*ck my earlier opinion. Includes both cuts mentioned (clean, dirty, and instrumentals).


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