Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[MIXTAPE] dj espionage - Notes from Underground (1997)

At this point in 1997, it was clear where mainstream hip-hop was heading, and the vitality of the indie movement (with Rawkus most successfully commodifying it) was what I attempted to pay homage to here, in Notes from Underground:

48 fresh cuts from the indie movement from '95-'97 round out this mix (playlist here). Classics from J-Live, Mike Zoot, Saukrates, Juggaknots, Ras Kass, Cage, Dilated, Company Flow, Natural Resources, Mass Influence, Rhymefest, Frankenstein, Encore, Blackalicious, Arsonists, Unspoken Heard...probably my favorite overview of the indie joints of the era.


Blogger yeti said...

absolutely classic. i grew up on espionage mixes - i was a teenager in urbana-champaign when you were hosting the show. you put out a tape in '99 or so that probably changed my life, no joke. i can't remember what the tape was called... had a ridiculous radio skit on there with a guy saying "my name is macdougal" or something.

finding these mixes 15+ years later... is a real delight. where is espionage these days?!

5:36 PM  
Blogger djespionage said...

thanks for the comment -- it's great to hear that the show and tapes had an impact. several others were involved with the show off and on, and i think we often just assumed we were mostly entertaining ourselves with the skits.

i'm in LA, back in school, still trying to keep up with all the dope instrumental hip-hop/downtempo production. thanks again for the kind words!

9:51 PM  

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