Saturday, June 10, 2006

Foot Soljaaz "If You Ain't Got Flowz" (1998)

As valuable as OIGA!!! and Biff's Hip-Hop Section have been for grabbing new and classic hip hop, Vinyl Addicts was dope in that it put you on to classic records that were only in the hands of a few, or that you never even heard of. This record is definately one of those.

The flip side simply reads "Foot Soljaaz," the name of the group. Consisting of two emcees trading rhymes, this track is vintage underground sh*t with an ill, dark piano loop and spoken hook:

...everybody knows, it's all irrelevant
if you ain't got flowz (if you ain't got flowz)
and you ain't got flowz (and it shows)...

There's no credit on the production, but the track is niiice..the drums are simple, just a hard-ass kick, snare and hi-hat. A bassline comes in to underscore the piano loop, while a haunting flute drops into the track every 8 bars or so. Classic battle rhymes, but it's the delivery (cadences and accents) paired with the production that makes this track a genuine f*ckin' banger. THIS is how two MC's should rock a track; everything is intertwined and related, there is no hype man. They sell the track for real, to the extent that they can drop sh*t like "you used to be a dope rhyma...but now you sellin' out, for the vagina." Werd.

[UPDATE, 7/12, 10pm: Re-archived, re-upped file]


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