Thursday, December 14, 2006

King Tee "Freestyle Ghetto" (1995)

Been heavy into the '95 crates the last few weeks. Here's a quick "remember this shit?" post...King Tee is simply the man for introducing the world to both the Alkaholiks and Xzibit. Both of them appear on this mid-90's cut, which was a single off of his '94 release "King Tee 4 Life". Admittedly, there's no obscure b-side cut on the twelve: it is what it is, the album version of "Freestyle Ghetto". I've always loved the instrumental, though, so here's the full twelve:

King Tee "Freestyle Ghetto" 12"
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This is one of those posse tracks where you can play "Who dropped the dopest verse?". Everyone's essentially in shit-talk mode, and you've got a grip of MC's to choose from: Xzibit, J-Ro, Tash, Breeze, and King Tee himself. Shit is wild, and everyone has lyrics. I love how J-Ro opens his verse:

Footballs, basketballs, microphones, gas and grass
...just some of the few things J-Ro likes to pass

Tash jumps in afterwards, though, and annihilates the track. Remember how MC Eiht was everywhere in '93-'94, always with the signature "gyyeah..."? In case you forgot, Tash drops this gem:

But...hold up, wait - I bust rhymes that circulate
that'll 'wake your punk ass up' - like MC Eiht

BTW, the producer here is Thayod Ausar, who would produce three of the dopest tracks on Xzibit's "At the Speed of Life" a year later ("Paparazzi", "Carry the Weight", the title cut). Includes "Freestyle Ghetto" (vocal and instrumental) as well as "Let's Get It On".


Blogger P-Why? said...

I never heard this before, thanks.
I only got a few beats by Thayod Ausar, but I love em all ; he did G-Unit's "My Buddy" too.
Anyway, great track and thanks for the update, I was getting hungry lol.

11:20 AM  
Blogger KYOZAI said...

Thats da good 1


11:01 PM  

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