Thursday, November 09, 2006

Da Fat Cat Clique "My Tracks" (1997)

I'll preface this post by saying I *know* I've seen this record around somewhere (maybe the old Vinyl Addicts?), but I'm pretty sure it wasn't posted in full. I've had a Philly bias for a while (more Cool C/Steady B than the Roots, although that ain't a diss), so when O-Dub started raving about this record in '97 I tracked down doubles immediately. Mid/late 90's underground Philly shit, and one of the stronger indie singles of '97. Unfortunately, this was the only (formal) release the Clique dropped:

There are a grip of cuts to choose from on this record, and I've always gone with "Da Flow". All of the production is kinda jazzy/breezy, but love how "Da Flow" sprinkles piano rolls over the bassline. Lyrics are dope improvisational underground shit:

It's clear - like shrink-wrap on cassettes or CD's
You're like a vulture - feasting on the styles of true MC's
So flee - or face the fate of those who rely on pretentious subject matter
Step to da flow and get beat like cake batter

Includes "My Tracks", "Gettin Over" (with instrumental), "Da Flow" (with instrumental), and "Live From Fox Valley".


Blogger Ferry said...

dope ish i'm feelin this

1:53 PM  
Blogger Willy Du Witt said...

peace, they also dropped one in '94 called keepin hoes in check

10:18 AM  

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