Monday, December 11, 2006

Ol' Dirty Bastard "Don't U Know Part II" (1995)

You can't deny ODB's entertainment value, but he's never been one of my top MC's. I still remember some of those mid-90's-"Top-Five"-MC arguments, and the small grip of heads that would throw out Ol' Dirty's name in the middle of that conversation. Point blank, that shit has never made sense to me. Yeah, he's got a unique voice and flow, yeah, his shit is raw in the sense that it's honest and unfiltered and not quite sane...but Top-5? That being said, the kids that WERE all about ODB (and I'm sure some of y'all are) loved this non-album B-side that showed up on the "Raw Hide" promo 12":

"Don't U Know Part II" is classic ODB: wandering, stuttering, stream-of-consciousness meditations fused with vague but explicit stories about sexual adventures. The beat itself functions as the perfect background for this "tale", a simple but oddly off-balance track that is layered with a sluggish melody, a woman's background chanting, and ODB's rhyming. Ol' Dirty kicks off the track with a dose of empathy:

I know all the time, fellas, be hard to use a Trojan
'cause your shit can't breathe, and feel all closed-in
You wanna slip it off - ooh, baby, I like it raw
...why I wanna hurt myself for?

Ol' Dirty proceeds to describe some interactions with women as only he can, his voice rising to rant for completely unknown reasons. There was only one ODB...this track documents exactly why.

This track is also notable for the outro, in which someone threatens "all you motherfuckas that call yourself 'Brooklyn Zoo', represent your Zoo...understand what I'm sayin'? 'cause, yo...long as you don't fuck with this Brooklyn Zoo click...this click don't have to come and touch your click." Most of us know how that turned out...

Includes "Raw Hide" (Clean, Dirty, Instrumental) and "Don't U Know Part II" (Clean, Dirty, Instrumental).


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