Monday, November 27, 2006

Rubberoom "Body Snatchin'" (1995)

Rubberoom was one of the most prominent Chicago underground crews of the mid-90's, and didn't seem to get much of a break 'til the late 90's, when they finally released an LP ("Architechnology") that went nowhere. Their first official release, "Body Snatchin' (On the Isle)" was also one of my first Chicago indie hip-hop records, and with the possible exception of the vicious "Street Theme", remains the best shit they've dropped.

"Body Snatchin'" is straight sinister. The relentless pounding of metal is so persistent that it almost functions as a hi-hat, and gives a dark industrial vibe to the track. Beyond that, there's a dark piano loop that reverses back onto itself at times, love the finishing touches put on the track. Lyrically, it's a group effort, with Lumba functioning as the point man:

Now what's your name? Who me? My name is Lumba
I'm two in half with that crew - Rubba
Body snatchin' like traps and for rest I get my naps in
Slide up in tush with my condom tightly fastened

In this case, "Body Snatchin'" is about snatchin' your girl's body. So while this shit may seem corny on paper...

I'm a Lover like Ed, without Doctor Dre
Your honey came my way, so I rocked her...hey

...with the right delivery and instrumental backing, it comes off almost matter-of-fact. A Nas sample fuels the chorus ("wylin' on the island"), and the cut continues with its predator-and-prey take on sex. It never veers into shock/gimmick territory, strictly dope underground lyrics and delivery. Includes "Body Snatchin'" (Radio, Original, Instrumental, Remix, and Remix Instrumental) as well as "Stacks of 45's" (Original and Clean).


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Dope tune, remember it from a beat junkies tape think is was Dynamic Duo with J rocc n Rhettmatic.

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