Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ruthless Bastards "Murder We Wrote" (1997)

Staten's Ruthless Bastards dropped this twelve that was quintessential NYC thug shit in '97. Although you'll notice from a quick glance at the label that RNS (usually considered the underrated Wu producer) handled production on the ridiculously-titled "Murder We Wrote", flip immediately to the B-side, and the self-titled cut "Ruthless Bastards".

I've always had a weakness for minor-key piano loops, and "Ruthless Bastards" runs on one. Beyond that, though, the MC's deliver on this track...brutal, aggressive delivery that takes advantage of the dark mood to paint an image of streets run by...well, ruthless bastards:

(check it) These cold days, got me in a physical rage
Walkin' through the dark path of this invisible maze
My individual is criminal, but lyrical plays
a big part of my life in its critical stage

Lots of energy from the lyricists on this track (and they are lyricists); verses are stacked on top of each other, and there's not an MC on the track that made me wish I was listening to a chorus instead. Also includes the best peroxide reference I've heard: "I'm like peroxide, 'cause I stay bubblin' in the cut".

Includes dirty/clean/instrumental/acapella for both "Murder We Wrote" and "Ruthless Bastards".


Blogger Paul said...

This is my joint!

8:19 PM  
Blogger DJ pHiLLy said...

thats the realness right here - i got 3 copies
Its all about that underground Wu sh*t
Props due from LDN UK
pHiLLy (BBP)

6:42 AM  

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