Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pacewon "I Declare War" (1998)

Another Ski banger. Now that I'm taking another look at a lot of these 90's records after some distance, I'm realizing how consistent Ski was through the entire decade. This Pacewon record is just another example:

I wasn't really feeling Pacewon at the time, and listening to "I Declare War" now, I'm not sure what I was thinking back in '98. Oh, yeah, I remember; this cut was actually too "commercial" for me at the time. Funny how listening to it now, it just sounds dope as fuck. Anyways, yeah, Ski laces Pacewon with a beat that is essentially just a testament to his good taste in samples...and his ability to know when to keep a beat minimalistic. Pacewon shit-talks his way through the cut, and it's probably his best material:

Terrorist n*ggas want the bomb, I'm here
Quick to cop, pop me in they CD-rom, and stare
Even if our cliques don't get along, who care?
You still be glarin' at the clothes me and my crew wear
You need to lighten up - digest a few beers
Before you end up meeting a man you do fear
This year, I declare war on the mayor...

Includes b-side "Step Up", and instrumentals for both.


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