Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sub-Conscious "Pushin' Orbitz" (2000)

I'm automatically going to pick up an MC's record if he goes by Sub-Conscious, and uses song titles like "Zeitgeist" and "Visions in the Mind"; fortunately, this twelve didn't disappoint:

There's three cuts on this record, but "Pushin Orbitz" is the winner here (to me, at least...looks like "Visions in the Mind" is favored by at least a few heads). "Pushin' Orbitz" starts out with an exquisite loop that provides the backdrop for the verses; feels like a darkened interlude in a late-night jazz club...delicate, but sinister. The drums snap in, and Sub-Con drops my second-favorite Isaac Newton reference:

I set the wax in backspins
Battlin' itself practice
in revolutions of thought, like Sir Isaac Newton

Sub-Con doesn't necessarily follow traditional rhyme structure, but unlike a lot of MC's who stray from tradition, his delivery is so dope you usually don't notice. Can't praise the beat enough, but Sub-Con's lyrics are abstract enough that repeated listenings are rewarded:

It's ministry for your mental - split - picture-perfect
Served with dope beats and rhymes under the surface
With the true verdict, like Ivan van Sertima's work:
Africans reached the Americas first
Reversing the effects of merciless
purchase of persons merged into corporate businesses
what Sub-Con is working that through Fat Caps and Eraser mates
With lyrics is the only way I paper-chase
It's groundbreaking, son

Challenging shit, and in the hands of a lessor MC, you might be tempted to initially dismiss it as nonsense, but Sub-Con clearly has flow. The chorus on "Pushin Orbitz" is cold; everything gets dropped as an ill keyboard line hops around up an octave, and the upright bass moves along with it. Again, the only adjective I have for this instrumental is "exquisite". A couple of more lines of lyrics:

...to take Satan on, where serenity's gone
Like the dawn, with your sanity
For the minds of humanity:
tryin' to climb through the canopies and tree-tops,
puttin' they domes through sheet-rock and dry-wall,
thoughts bulgin' out they eye-balls
For all y'all...that's going straight psychotic:
Peace - Feel the melodics

Includes "Pushin' Orbitz", "Zeitgeist", "Visions in the Mind", and the instrumentals for all three.


Blogger P-Why? said...

nice post, my fav beat got to be Visions In The Mind though

4:24 AM  
Blogger Tired & Broke said...

You truly know your shit...I was one of the few that didn't sleep on Sub-Con...'Vision In The Mind' is my favorite out of the 3....you continue to spoil the masses with dope treasures like this...Sub-Con's wordplay is exceptional on this..and this is truly one of my favorite new-school records...sub-con rips shit and the production may not be ground breaking but it appropriately fits the mood.... MUCH MUCH REPECT & PROPS for upping these jewels...

peace T&B... and oh yeah the Mathematik Remix is coming soon homey...

9:09 AM  
Blogger Tired & Broke said...

Here's the Rhyme Training Remix & Word...Life Remix By DJ Celory


11:14 AM  
Blogger Parable Function said...

props on this bro, 'Visions' wasn't at all the standout track for me, Pushin' Orbitz easily took it, i immediately recognized that flute sample from 'Bleach' by Styles of Beyond, anyone else notice that? that was vintage SOB, before they fell off... at any rate, heavy shit espionage

5:31 PM  

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