Thursday, August 17, 2006

Natural Elements "Bust Mine" (1997)

It's been long overdue, many years we been reppin' on the underground?

With the possible exception of Company Flow, Natural Elements have to be considered the quintessential NYC underground crew. Between the group projects as NE, and L-Swift and Mr. Voodoo's solo work, everyone's got their own favorite NE cut. This twelve on Dolo records in '97 is one of my favorites:

As usual, Charlemagne handles the production. "Bust Mine" is cool, but I prefer "Paper Chase". There's a lot of cuts about currency; the majority are celebratory (and mindless bullshit), while some are frustrated and resentful. "Paper Chase" manages to take a relatively mature, realistic approach. The beat itself is dark and determined, much like the tone:

It goes: money and moves, moves and money
Gotta make money, cause being broke ain't funny
On a paperchase (why?) cause ain't nothin' for free
Everybody got a price, everybody got a fee

Includes the Vocal and Instrumental versions for both cuts.

REQUEST: Anyone have the Natural Elements EP released in '94 on Fortress?


Blogger CoMpleckS said...

i got that ep for ya and another rare truck turner/ natural elements record you might wanna check. holla at me @ and check out my blog i jus started:

8:05 AM  
Blogger The T Organization said...

This shit is too hard!!!!! I wonder why Natural Elements didn't blow up. All of them were dope. And nobody could produce like Charlemagne.

10:07 PM  

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