Friday, August 11, 2006

Feel-X & Channel Live feat. KRS-1 "X Marks Da Spot" (1997)

When a rapper/group blows up, or gains enough status, they inevitably try to share that shine with their peoples. As much as I love DJ Premier, his choice in MC's is dubious at best...Big Shug being Exhibit A. I'd rather talk about the rappers/groups with thorough taste, though. KRS-1 brought in some pretty solid crews (although wasn't really feeling Broadway); Channel Live is probably top of that list. This twelve by Feel-X (I don't know, either) capitalized on the charisma of KRS and the hunger of Channel Live in their prime:

The beat is cool, a nice guitar sample; solid, but not overwhelming. Feel-X is definately the handicap on this track, but Channel Live straight rips the track up. A lot of "name"-MC's that did guest spot on indie joints during the period put up mediocre material, but Channel Live proved to be consistent on just about everything they touched.

'cause I shine through the universe square
be gettin' higher than hats before my mind snaps like snares
and kicks because my shit be knockin'
rockin' like white people moshin'
my brain's cocked with clip of the truth, that's the bullet
power is the gun pointed at your dome piece - pull it

Before we pull the trigger, yo, we try to kick the knowledge
style is universal - not imminent from college
so "seek and ye shall find", in the mind is golden riches
that's why we dig in books like drug dealers dig ditches

Love that "gettin' higher than hats before my mind snaps like snares" line, Channel Live was on some shit. Don't expect much from KRS-1 on this joint, he drops a sing-songy line on the chorus, and basically acts as the overlord to the production (which works well). The spoken-word chorus/chant is surprisingly effective as well. Includes insrumental.


Blogger nawledge said...

yea espionage... I was feelin this beat. I was listening to it and I noticed the guitar being the lower pitched strums that are closer together, but the strums that have more space inbetween them and ascend in volume (they come in first at 8 seconds, and then again at 18 sec., and again at 28 sec., and so on.) I'm pretty sure that's a HARP!! And if so, praise to Dirtman, harps can never be used enough in hip hop in my opinion, and they aren't used enough in the first place. Another style of harp which I have only heard sampled once or twice is the Koto...those asian floor harps. They're fucking ill. Here's an Inst. from Panik of the Molemen in which he used a pretty hot Koto sample... Thanks Again for the quick ups Espionage. Peace.

Panik (Molemen) - The Wiseman

The Wiseman isn't the actual title. I Re-Named it that, the actual title is "Basement Treasure"

11:47 PM  
Blogger knowledge said...

yo, espionage, bout that Ill Biskits - 22 Years track, its from the b-side i think, of the ill biskits LP, dunno, but here's a pic


5:35 AM  
Blogger 6MW said...

Here's the last emperor compilation that I was talking yesterday:

1:18 PM  
Blogger djespionage said...

@nawledge: you're probably right, good ear...the way the sample flows, it would make more sense if it was a harp. checked out the panik beat, it was cool...i'm definately a fan of asian stringed-instrument samples too:
dj espionage "cellular antiquity"

@knowledge: ah, its on the ill biscuits LP then...i've actually never heard/found the LP, only the singles

@6mw: thanks! if you don't mind i'm going to throw that in another follow-up Last Emperor post as well

2:24 PM  

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