Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rawcotiks "Nevertheless" (1997)

Rawcotiks records have aged well. Well, at least this one has. I was never really big on their music in the late 90's; it seemed like solid mix filler at the time. While estranged from my vinyl collection, I started fiending for an MP3 of "Nevertheless"; somehow I got reminded of the bassline it uses, and couldn't get it out of my head. Unfortunately, I could never track it down, to remedy that problem:

"Nevertheless" runs on an ill 4-bar bassline, shit is sinister; definately a gem in my '97 hip-hop crates, proving NYC still had an overabundance of talent in the late 90's. The flipside "Real Heads" is dope as well. Includes vocal and instrumental for both cuts; I had to cut part of the last verse of "Real Heads" due to scratches on the record, but it plays seamlessly.


Blogger Jaz said...

Hell Yeah, I love Never The Less I was first exposed to it through a very expensive Stretch & Bobbito show tape we used to sell at an old record store I worked for in Wellington, New Zealand and I rewound that track over and over and over in my walkman and finally got it on 12 and have loved it ever since, I used to mix in Co Flow's-Info Kill with it...dope

Are you going to re up The Wascals 12"?...please

Great work


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