Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Krondon "The Rules" (1998)

West-coaster Krondon has appeared on a number of records since the mid-90's, most notably Self Scientific's "Three Kings" (also with Planet Asia), and the LJ's (Likwid Junkies). From what I know, he's mostly been associated with the production of DJ Khalil (Self Scientific) and DJ Muggs. This twelve from '98 was my introduction to him, and typifies his raw West-coast delivery:

Krondon "The Rules" 12"

Unlike a lot of West-coast underground, he definately sounds West-coast, which could be a positive or negative to some. The sampled hook should satisfy any East-coast-first heads (like myself), Biggie self-assuredly saying "y'all know the rules". Like the beat here, too, vintage underground shit from '98. Includes instrumental, as well as "Thin Minutes" vocal and instrumental.


Blogger Tired & Broke said...

you spoiling them now my friend..... I love this 12-inch.... the best thing Krondon ever contributed to hip-hop and hasn't came close since....and Truly Odd was insane on the beats.... 'MIC V.S.O.P.' was a banger also... didn't that quote What we have here is a world premier sampled heavy??? well any way... hella props for this shit..... keep killin' em....


5:59 AM  
Blogger djespionage said...

thx man, yeah i'm feeling these beats too...shit, maybe i slept on "MIC V.S.O.P.", never really gave it play...gonna go back and check it

6:28 AM  
Blogger extrafixomic said...

Thank you man!
"Thin minutes" is really sick track
I'll put some of my french lyrics on the instrumental version!

3:48 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

thank you... again!

10:55 PM  

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