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The Last Emperor "Bums" (1997)

The glory days of the Golden Age of hip-hop are well-documented, and for good reason. When people argue about the "best year", it usually starts as early as '87 and ends as late as '94 (btw, '92 is the correct answer if you were wondering). But the flood of indies that began in '95-96 and peaked in '97-98 is its own story, and I think most people still haven't given that era (and movement) the props it deserved. Case in point is this early twelve from The Last Emperor:

The Last Emperor always comes with the lyrics and concepts, but probably never stronger than on the record. "Secret Wars Pt. 1" is the Rappers vs. Superheroes epic (that later appeared on The Last Emperor's mediocre album in '03), but "Bums" is f*ckin' ill...almost makes you want to burn all your possessions so you can join in with the anthem. Oh, and as a bonus, the best Isaac Newton reference ever made:

While other MC's rhyme about guns and shootin'
I drop science on your dome just like Sir Isaac Newton

Who else but The Last Emperor will rhyme "light your spliff" with "choosey mothers choose Jiff"? Enjoy these classics...includes the instrumentals for "Secret Wars" and "Bums", as well as "Monumental" (dope as well).

Finally, there's no date on the 12", and I couldn't track down a reference on-line...if someone can correct the "1998" designation, please do.
[UPDATES, 8/11, 8 AM:
* 1997 it is, thanks PY.
* Props to nawledge for upping another version of "Secret Wars", check his description and link in the comments]


Blogger nawledge said...

yea espionage... dope post, I'm definately feelin that "Monumental" track more than the rest... I've got a different version of "Secret Wars" and I was told that it is the original version... It has a really smooth repetitive beat, kind of hard to describe, but right at the line where Emperor says..."next fight had to be the craziest of all times, we got Dr. Octapus vs. the Mighty Busta Rhymes..." somebody voice-overs right when he say's Busta Rhymes. It sounds like the voice-over say's "K-C-R"...? Do you know the version that I'm talkin about?? The beat is SUPER smooth, way better than the version he released on MMM... I first heard it around 98/99 so I think your date is right. I don't know how to upload, so let me know if you haven't heard it and I'll figure it out... Keep It Up Man, this is one of the hottest blog's I've seen, some true knowledge and history on here... Peace

11:20 PM  
Blogger Parable Function said...

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11:34 PM  
Blogger Parable Function said...

nawledge can u please up that, just go to, select file, and then 'upload file'

11:35 PM  
Blogger nawledge said...

Thanks for the info on the Sendspace, I'd never uploaded anything before on there and that was the easiest shit ever. So, don't quote me on this being THE original... I got a mini-disc player from a friend a while back when they were new and the only disc I got from the guy had this track on it. He told me it was the original. It's in AIFF format because it's uploaded from my MD, that's why the quality is a little lacking and it also cuts out right when Last Emp goes into the Magneto battle segment. Sorry about that, it's how I got it. Let me know if the AIFF doesn't work for ya and I'll put up an MP3 tomorrow... Peace.

Last Emperor - Secret Wars Original (??)

1:43 AM  
Blogger P-Why? said...

I thought his '03 album was nice, but I got the European version, "Palace of the Pretender" which didn't have the exact same tracklisting...
Anyway, according to discogs this was released in '97 :

5:17 AM  
Blogger nawledge said...

Word. Hope that new Secret Wars is working for y'all.
I looked in on that Palace Of The Pretender and I bet that disc is much hotter than Music Magic Myth. The Track-List is completely different. I saw a random Mix CD on ebay from this fool and it had some of his best tracks on it. Tracks like Do You Remember & Away From The Sun... OH, and if you haven't heard Mafia Don (Beatminerz Prod.) let me know and I'll up that. It's the straight reggae-influence fire!!! Beatminerz have been killing the Reggae beats lately. Did any of you hear that track "Barrington" from Smif N Wessun on that X-Files Mix CD?? FIRE. Anyway, BIG PROPS to Espionage for taking time out of his day to hook us up... Peace.

9:37 AM  
Blogger knowledge said...

hey, could anyone hook me up with ill biskits - 22 years, cant find that shit nowhere, peace, and good looks on the emp track

6:14 PM  
Blogger 6MW said...

A couple of months ago I downloaded a compilation of B-Sides and singles (That's what it seems)if you are interest on it I can upload it later, here's the tracklist:
01 Do You Remember
02 The Expedition
03 Fo'Rel
04 Heavy Height Invincible
05 Caravan
06 The Dozen
07 The Jungle
08 Away From The Sun
09 The World Of Suzi Wong
10 Dangerous
11 Still I Rise
12 Keep On Freestyle
13 Party Crashers
14 He Lives

6:29 PM  
Blogger nawledge said...

For sure man, if you don't mind. I've only heard about half those tracks... his old suff is way better than the new I'd say...

8:05 PM  
Blogger djespionage said...

knowledge: haven't heard of that track, anyone?

6mw: please upload that when you get a chance, thanks in advance!

9:04 PM  

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