Wednesday, August 02, 2006

LMNO "Hit the Fence" (1996)

I'll be the first to admit that this one is not for everyone...LMNO took getting used to for a lot of heads; he rolled with the right crew (the Visionaries) out West, but his flow always seemed a little awkward. When he dropped "Grin and Bear It" (DOPE beat), I finally "got" his shit, which took me back to his first single in '96:

"Hit the Fence" is unlike any other cut I've heard; Key Kool put together a crazy low-BPM banger. An ill piano loop sets it off as LMNO drops the theme:

The government knows it can't control everyone's mind
In order to hold a hierarchy, you'll find
a street sign, always there to remind
there's a fine for "lawbreaker"
control is: money collector
Affect her and his nourishment
which furthers them from being content
Economic food chain: what's your role in the cycle?
I'll sustain and perfect my
form of survival

Public education is the target of criticism for much of the cut; not your typical theme. The knock on LMNO has always been his delivery, though, not necessarily his lyrics. Some people can get with it; others can't. I tend to be on the fence, but Key Kool's beat here pushes me over. The B-side "Courage" I personally find unlistenable, but I include it for the completists. Includes "Hit the Fence" vocal and instrumental, as well as b-side "Courage" - vocal and instrumental.


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thanks for posting this, i lost this 12" somewhere and haven't heard it except on this old ass DJ Exile/Emanon tape

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