Sunday, August 06, 2006

LP "The Truth" (1999)

This was some random shit in '99...I ended up giving it a lot of play, but I know a number of heads found it too gimmicky. It basically sounds like a diss record made by a rap fan; the MC here isn't trying to jump-start a career by calling everyone out, there's none of the "fuck-you" battle shit involved here. He even manages to give some cats props. That's why I think this cut ultimately stands out from gimmicky diss records to represent something more unique:

It is a diss record, though, no doubt about that. Lots of quotable lines, and shit that's up for debate as well. From the get-go:

Most of you rap cats - don't appeal to me
A lot of y'all say you keep it real - but ya ain't real to me
Mac-10, Ice Cube, WC - ya n*ggas make me laugh, you below on WB
Coolio? You're so wack, you disgust me
Most rappers on the West coast don't even like you - trust me
And E-40? I gotta talk about you
You're style's so annoying, I wanna smack the shit out you

East Coast MC's get it too:

And I don't really mean to diss you (Noreaga) - 'cause you really seem cool
But most of your rhymes sound like you never finished school
DMX? No doubt, you got rap sewn
But the way you stress you're the best, your head's a little too blown
Cam'ron - your first joint was off the hook
And I liked a lot of the songs off your album - but look:
"Horse and Carriage" fucked me up, that shit was wack
And the remix had nothin' to do with that track

I remember that some heads were saying this cut fell flat due to the production (ahem, O-Dub), but I've always liked both the original and the remix. The original beat consists of a simple three-key piano sample that never really switches up, but it's solid; the remix rocks (different) piano samples as well, but is darker, and that drum loop is just ill.

Bottom line is the concept is dope...basically, a fan of the music calling out wack muthafuckas as he sees 'em. And he can rhyme, no doubt. Anyone else think this MC is really A.G. in disguise? Includes Original, Remix, Original instrumental and the acapella.


Blogger Sifiso Mgcina said...

do you have another link for this track?

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Blogger Apprentice Neil said...

ahh man we used to blast this out when we were in school. nostalgia!

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