Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Paris "The Days of Old" (1992)

I've always had vague memories of this dope instrumental I heard back in '92 on a friend's beat tape. I hadn't heard the original track (with vocals) at the time, so I couldn't identify it via the MC. A year ago, I ran across some old Paris albums on some MP3 sites, and something clicked; jumping from track to track, I found what I was looking for: "The Days of Old".

Paris "Days of Old" 12"

I slept on Paris in the early 90's, something which I'll blame on my Rakim-as-lyricist-, Pete-Rock-and-Premier-as-producers-, New-York-as-Mecca-, East-coast-first-bias. Paris was on his shit in the early 90's, though, and this 12" (which jumped out of a crate while digging in Japan a few months after my rediscovery) just might be his finest track. I'm obviously partial to the beat (many will recognize the sample), but he rips a theme that would come to dominate hip-hop in the 90's...values are changing:

Can't do anything without some fool actin' up
You start to believe that black folk are savage but
before you do, allow me to say
that in the old days we didn't act that way, see
Kings and Queens were the names of the righteous
but the sons of slaves are insane and we might just
self-destruct and erupt without a chance to grow
This ain't the days of old.

A horn soars during the chorus, as you can almost hear Paris shaking his head: "It ain't the same as the days of old." The instrumental is included, and stands on its own. Also included is the b-side "Bushkilla (Hellraiser Mix)", proving the more things change, the more know the rest.


Blogger Krooked1 said...

this is on sleeping with the enemy right?

9:00 AM  
Blogger djespionage said...

yes...the "bush killa" remix is also on the album, the only thing on the 12" that's "extra" is the instrumental

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha yeah about 3 seconds into the song that sample made me smile, props on another nice post

9:55 PM  
Blogger Just Ice said...

Although used by other rappers before, Paris really made this sample come to life with the tight production surrounding it. I must have played this song for a month straight when it came out. Thanks for this gem ^5

12:57 PM  
Blogger Jaz said...

The sample is taken from the classic and very smooth Blackbyrds-Mysterious Vibes and has been used by Almighty RSO, Kurious,Masters of Illusion and of course Paris.

Blackbyrds-Mysterious Vibes

If you have Assasta's song remix that would be dope, I have been looking for that for years.


5:48 AM  

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