Friday, July 14, 2006

Self Scientific "Return" (1998)

(return) the way we were
before the influx of drugs and money occured
(return) the way we was
before the rise and lies of fake players and thugs

The mid/late-90's theme of "it's all slipping away, let's take it back" reaches its fully-evolved state in this early Self-Scientific banger. Another cut that many are familiar with, but if you're not...grab it with a quickness, play it over and over for everyone you know until it becomes the mind-state:

DJ Khalil's track here strikes the perfect balance between the mourning inherent in Chace Infinite's lyrics, and the yearning of conscious next-school talent. The vocal samples that fade in and out ("return!") combined with the earnestness of the track give it an unusual immediacy...dig yourself into the lyrics:

I master the ceremonial phrase, and hit you with lyrics
reminiscient of the glorious days
All for one in this game, the only thing that's changed
is the multiple frauds allowed to use our name
In God we came, so in God we trust
Check the Ultramagnetic vibe and the Newcleus
I let the words flow, and relate to the criminal minds
Follow the leader, to the next text and time
Exercise the mind and you'll find
light inside my oratory design

There's plenty of cats who will try to convince you that the "Return" concept is dead; hip-hop has changed, and you have to evolve with it. I don't think that argument is necessarily valid. What have changed are the trends: in particular, what most clubs are rocking and what most people are buying. Whatever; the nature of clubs and media requires change. But there are fundamentals that inform your idea of what hip hop is that don't necessarily have to change; hell, if the concept of hip-hop music and culture was that loose and flexible, what's the point of giving it a name? F*ck that, Self Scientific got it right:

Now it seems, on your TV screen:
false images and caviar, champaign dreams
Each day is like a bad dream...

...for all my rap n*ggas who burn
DJ's in the world watchin' your Technics turn
for all my b-boy brothers sufferin' floor burns:
Bust a head-spin to this one...return

Includes vocal and instrumental; "Sublevel Dominance" vocal and instrumental, as well as two short bonus beats.


Anonymous spinnerty said...

yes. i definitely remember this joint from one of your old tapes.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Jaz said...

If any track sums up what Hip Hop needs these says it is this one...

The first time I heard this I got chills down my spine and now I am going to listen to it and have a cry.

2:48 AM  
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