Friday, July 14, 2006


I've been using a Mac for the last 5 years, which has been long enough to forget how delicately things often work in the world of PC's. For example, file naming...Microsoft OS have much narrower rules, which has resulted in a number of uploads which couldn't be unzipped by some users out there.

A few people have alerted me to the problem, so I went ahead and rechecked the whole site, so there are a slew of updates just to make the whole thing friendly to everyone's computer...if you've had problems in the past with any file, things should be straight now.

Thought I'd take the chance to thank people that have showed interest in this blog as well. My goal is to up a twelve inch every day, and that's not going to be a problem for some time, but at that rate, the purpose is not to exclusively drop extreme obscurities à la Vinyl Addicts. I discovered Vinyl Addicts late in the game, (and The Rookie even later), which essentially inspired me to start a blog; I'm also interested in sharing a number of what the more, uh, "sophisticated" hip-hop vinyl collector will recognize as underground classics. The post below (and a number I've already tried to hit) falls into this category...well, in my opinion at least.

Feel free to contribute if you have related material to a post (even if it's a link to something you've upped on your blog), I'd like to avoid being too redundant. Even if the nature of this whole project is mildly schizophrenic.

Also, since I'd like to do what I can do keep Rapidshare from dominated this whole "market" (it's a healthy distrust), despite its convenience. I'll try to post a SendSpace (or whatever) link along with each Rapidshare link...use whatever you prefer.

BTW, for fans of French hip-hop, got a grip of twelves to drop (from a trip to Parisian record shops in '99) this weekend, be sure to check it!


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