Saturday, July 15, 2006

French Hip-Hop 12's Part 1 (1999)

Due to extremely fortunate circumstances (a sister working for an airline), I managed to hop on a plane to Paris on New Year's Eve in '99. My return was open-ended, depending entirely on how long it took me to rip through the cash I brought with me. On my third day in Paris, I found the record stores, and dropped all my cash on French hip hop. Some of y'all can relate to those priorities.

My knowledge of French hip-hop was (and still is, to some degree) MC Solaar and IAM. Solaar's "Caroline" was the ultra-smooth shit my man brought back from his semester abroad in France, and soon Solaar started showing up on records in the States (thanks to Guru I'd say). I didn't get IAM til they did the collabo with Timbo King (or Royal Fam).

Long story short, spent the day going through 12" one-by-one with a surly (can't blame him, I was an American and he was French, right?) record store employee. I had to promise him I'd be dropping lots of cash in advance; he wasn't excited about letting me audition shit, period. Some of the records that crossed the Atlantic:

[French Hip-Hop 12's Part 1]

Lunatic "Civilisé" 12"

This track sounds like some rugged NYC indie shit; love how the MC starts his first verse. Includes instrumental.

La Case Negre "Amertume" b/w "Quand Je Rap" 12"

The b-side's been my long time favorite here, chill jazzy head-nodder. And a title anyone who's taken French 101 can understand. Again, love how the MC breaks into the track on this cut. Includes the two tracks listed.

Scred Connexion "Bouteille de Gaz" 12"

Niice twelve with three cuts, "Bouteille de Gaz", "La Routine", and "Les Diables et les Anges". Despite the familiarity of the latter (you'll recognize the samples), like how they rock 'em. Also includes "Bouteille..." instrumental.

IV My People "Présent Tant Qu'mes Gars en Veulent" 12"

Definately the "hot shit" amongst this group, and the only one I've been able to rock at a club in the States. Right on the edge of being commercial bullshit, I think this track works, love the intro (anchored by DJ Premier and Pharoah Monche vocal samples). Includes instrumental, as well as b-side "Rien à Prouver" and instrumental.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dope post, also check Afro Jazz's Afrocalypse LP released in 1997. If you don't have the album, I can upload it.

2:57 PM  
Blogger djespionage said...

please do, haven't heard it

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There you go:

"Disposant, à l'époque, de moyens colossaux pour enregistrer leur premier album à New-York, collaborant par la même avec Buckwild, Diamond D, Beatminerz entre autres"

6:16 PM  
Blogger djespionage said...

dope, good lookin out

9:32 PM  
Anonymous 9@home said...

thanks a TON for these French stuff posts. Will listen to everything religiously... :) (And thanks for mentioning me in it...)

2:40 PM  
Blogger Trystesire said...

haha Merci for this post.
Lunatic was during their time rough rugged and raw indeed ^^.

5:42 PM  

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