Thursday, July 13, 2006

AK Skills "East Ta West" (1996)

Most people know AK Skills from 1995's "Check tha Flava"; I've seen a few remixes floating around of it as well. "Check tha Flava" was cool, but if you're going to stress an AK Skills cut, I'd nominate "East Ta West", the b-side to his follow-up twelve in '96:

Don't know much (OK, anything) about the producer here, but I've always loved this track. A long four-bar sample is paired with a filtered bassline as the crisp snare pounds the track; just a great summertime vibe. AK Skills doesn't have an extensive catalog, but I think his flow shines on a more uptempo track like this. Includes vocal, instrumental and acapella for "East Ta West".


Anonymous robert said...

I remember Ak Skillz,he's in jail now...
Thx for the goodies...It urges me to re-start my collection...

8:16 PM  

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