Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Downtempo Joints - DJ Vadim remixes

Towards the end of the 90's, most hip-hop production just wasn't enough...with the rise of trip-hop in the mid-90's, and hip-hop instrumentalists like Shadow, there were people that were going beyond a straight loop to create a full composition, while remaining true to hip-hop aesthetics. Within the emerging genre of "downtempo", it seemed clear that some producers/musicians were coming over from electronica(Air, Thievery Corporation, etc.), some people from indie rock(Four Tet), and some from hip-hop(Shadow). DJ Vadim was definately a hip-hop m'f*cka.

I've always found DJ Vadim to be an inspiring figure, with his minimalist perspective and collaborative nature; sometimes those collaborations go well (i.e. "Your Revolution" with Sarah Jones) and sometimes they just don't work. This EP (2 x 12") was my intro to Vadim, and consists mostly of other producers' interpretations of his work; it still remains the dopest shit his name has been attached to, in my opinion.

"Variations in USSR (Krush remix)"
"Theme from Conquest of the Irrational (Prunes remix)"
"Beyond Thought (Vadim vs. Daniel Pemberton)"
"Variations in USSR (Reflection Mix)"
"Vad Forgive Me (Kid Koala Mix)"
"Conquest of the Irrational (Vads Dad Diversion)"
"Abstractions (Jupiter Jam remix)"

Something in here for everyone, but my strong favorites are the Prunes remix of "Conquest of the Irrational", "Beyond Thought" and the Krush remix of "Variations in USSR". "Beyond Thought" features what may be one of the longest looped samples I've ever heard, with Vadim pounding the drums over it. It may take some time to get into it, it doesn't hit you over the head; may become one of your favorite minimalist downtempo jawns though. "Conquest of the Irrational" is a bit more obvious, laced with chimes and dark strings. Enjoy, and pick your own favorite from the group. Includes all tracks on the EP (listed above).

[UPDATE, 7/13, 5pm: Re-archived, re-upped file]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

had a error while unzipping file.. any chance of re-up? much thanks for everything + interesting info on each artist

12:14 PM  
Blogger djespionage said...

re-archived, re-upped...thx for the comments, errors shouldn't be a problem from now on..but please let me know if it happens again!

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