Monday, July 10, 2006

Mr. Complex "Visualize" (1997)

Raw Shack records is mostly famous (and infamous) for its dealings with J-Live in the mid-90's, but later joints by Strict Flow and Mr. Complex are worth checking out. This Mr. Complex record has a lot going for it: 2 DJ Spinna beats, and guest spots by Apani and Pharoah Monche:

There was a period in the mid/late 90's when Spinna's production was all over the place, especially NYC-indie records. No doubt he has his own distinctive style, but it can occasionally fall flat. Case in point is the A-side here, "Visualize", which I find almost unlistenable.

However, DJ Spinna laces the b-side "Wny Don't Cha" with a lovely beat, probably one of my all-time-DJ-Spinna-favorites. This beat is a head nodder that lies precariously somewhere between cool-out and hype shit; I love how the horn sample pushes the beat forwards, and the vocal sample (awwwww....ya!) Spinna rocks. Mr. Complex, for his part, is dope; definately a quirky style, which is a matter of personal preference. The song also features the most low-profile Pharaoh Monche guest appearance in recorded history...I never even noticed it was him until I read the label. That's Pharaoh belting out the chorus, not Mr. Complex ("uh...hit me in the face, why don'tcha?").

Overall, despite the weak A-side here, snatch this one up, both Spinna and Mr. Complex come through on "Wny Don't Cha". Includes vocal and instrumental for both cuts.


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