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Lone Catalysts "Politix" (2000)

All we want to do is what we love
Making music for the people...

The Lone Catalysts (J. Sands & J. Rawls) have been one of the few crews that have been putting out consistently dope material in the new millenium, and on the off-chance that it's unfamiliar to anyone, I feel compelled to offer "Politix" - their second 12" (behind "Paperchase") - and my favorite 12" of 2000.

This record stands out in the year 2000 crates: thoughtful, dark, introspective, jazzy. While "jazzy" can describe most of the Lone Catalysts' output, the piano loop they rock over in "Politix" is lovely enough that you can listen to it over and over, getting lost in the music while simultaneously following the lyrics, which function as essays:

You see, everything's politically-based
Then placed in categories consisting of wealth, class and race
(only in America) you could be found guilty before the case
(especially) if your face look black like outer space
(but there's more) like the rich have no love for the poor
because they treat 'em like second-class citizens
like the Egyptians did the Ethiopians, the Germans did the Jews
like the whites do, every man of color (this is true)

Going beyond wealth, class, and race (which undoubtably you have to tie together), they don't ignore gender politics, either:

I can't explain it from a woman's point of view
'cause no matter what they say, or do - men wanna screw
When they're in the interview
the boss is more than likely thinking bout a rendezvous
so takes chew to spit a few
flirtatious hits, to see if she'll accept it or not
(now that's pressure) sort of like a hard place and a rock
but it's like that - and that's the way it is
'cause those with power abuse it, when they misuse it...

Classic example of dope hip-hop in the new millenium. Includes clean, dirty, instrumental and acapella, as well as b-side "Two's Company & Three's a Crowd" clean, dirty, and instrumental.


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