Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tung Twista "Suicide" (1995)

Tung Twista's "Runnin' Off At Da Mouth" (1992) was my introduction to Chicago hip hop; I'll never forget Chicago radio banging the shit out of Twista's "Rattatatat" and EMPD's "Crossover". Twista could literally rhyme his ass off like no other MC, and when the industry moved away from "speed-rhyming", Twista tried to move with it. Before he ended up rhyming double-time with Bone Thugs n Harmony, and doing tracks with Kanye, he got dissed on wax by Naughty by Nature ("you can tongue-twist your ass back to Chicago"). The response was this '95 diss record that attempts to expand the beef beyond Naughty and Twista, to Naughty and the Beatnuts vs. the entire city of Chicago.

Tung Twista always had amazing breath control, and a uniquely sharp voice. The chorus on this joint becomes the centerpiece, and if you're from Chicago (or associate yourself with the city), raise your fist and chant along:

Suicide, if you're fucking with the Chi (boo-ya!)
I wonder...I wonder why motherfuckers wanna die?

This is one of the better diss records out there, as Tung Twista never strays from the attack on Naughty and the Beatnuts to speak in generalities. Here's a taste of what he's got for Naughty:

Go at it with whoever, crew never cracks (pack gats)
Fuck your chains and locks, chainsaws, hachets, butter cutters and bats
Braids and blades and machetes, petty shit you carry
Can't scare me, fairy - burn your obituary at the cemetary
Two to a casket, heads in breadbaskets, dead when lead blasted
Burn 'em like acid - fuck a "Ghetto Bastard"
Come with that "Hey-Ho", better stay low - end up with a halo
Spread blood like mayo - looks like a T.K.O.
Say Treachery, bet you be thinkin' you gankin'
I do the shankin', Naughty kids always get a spankin'

Damn. Tung Twista saves most of the venom for Treach, but the Beatnuts and Del get some too:

And if I find ya dreamin' of dissin' and schemin'
You'll find Intoxicated Demons suckin' semen, here what I'm screamin'?
Huh...another pussy wants to break me an' a Homosapien
Beat 'em down and won't give a fuck what type of shape he in
Yellow's the color of the cape he in...
...What's up, n*gga? Come on, step - unless you just a sucker
Fuckin' with Chi? Suicide mission, motherfucker

This battle is obviously lost to time, but fuck if Tung Twista didn't drop a textbook example on how to make a diss track. Damn. Includes original, remix, and acapella.